Live batteries: created by fungi that produce electricity

Живые батарейки: созданы грибы, вырабатывающие электричество

A group of biologists from Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) under the guidance of Sudip Joshi created from normal mushrooms first bionic body capable of conducting electricity, according to the magazine .

Biologists have long known that cyanobacteria of the genus Anabaena that live on the bottom of the ocean, able to produce a current, and not only in the light but in the dark. However, these microorganisms are quite sensitive to unfavorable conditions of life and die quickly.

To solve this problem, Joshi and his colleagues Packed microbes in special nanoparticles and placed them on the surface of the artificial mushrooms between the threads of graphene (they are able to collect current). The mushroom has an attractive mix of nutrients, it is quite necessary microorganisms moisture and temperature it is quite suitable.

When the mushroom fell the light of the sun or bulb, it produces the right amount of 65 microamps of electricity. Although this is not enough to power the device, a few mushrooms, linked together, can force to burn a small lamp, say the authors.

Bacteria living inside the fungus died, but not immediately, but after three days. Meanwhile, the number of cyanobacteria inserted inside, remained stable during the whole experiment. Scientists themselves call their project “engineering symbiosis”

“If we do more research in this area, we really will be able to move it forward, safe and efficient green technology,” adds Joshi.

Scientists believe that in the future it will be possible to combine mushrooms with different microbes, some of them will be able to glow and produce energy.