Loud corruption election scandal in Florida

Громкий коррупционный скандал на выборах во Флориде

The US President Donald trump said that law enforcement officers check the message on fraud in the senatorial elections in Florida.

The head of the White house said in his Twitter.

According to the latest results, after counting ballots in the Senate election, incumbent Governor of Florida is Republican Rick Scott with 50.21 percent, at the same time, democratic Senator bill Nelson 49,79 percent. The latter demanded a recount, claiming fraud in the elections.

Law enforcement agencies check another major corruption scandal involving fraud in the cities of Broward and palm beach Florida

– said trump.

In response to the requirement about recalculation Scott went to the police with the complaint to the coordinator of elections in Broward County Brenda snipes. The Governor claims that the office snipes deliberately hid critical information about the counting of votes and number of voters, and the number of counted ballots.