Love letters of Tupac Shakur is for sale for $15,000

Любовные письма Тупака Шакура выставлены на продажу за $15 000

From the memories once got rid of and first love of the rapper.

Today painted heart love letters for $15,000 sells the organization Moments in Time, which previously they gave a girl named Averil. It was her 14-year-old Tupac Shakur devoted two sold letters. In the first he very modestly and tenderly rendered. In the same letter, he begins to mention his nickname, and manages to combine “the bad guy area” and sensitive teenager, who is infatuated hormones.

The second letter Tupac Shakur appears more daring. None of the messages Overall not reciprocated than a few pissed off a future icon of hip-hop culture. Both letters Overall put up for sale for the first time, because do not feel for him any feelings, it was pretty easy to say goodbye to the unique monuments, according to insiders.