Maidana Safire threatens retribution reporters-“separable”

The editor of the Ukrainian edition “Left coast” Sonya Koshkina, serving in the past, “regionals”, and now – nationalist regime, voiced the threat against journalists sympathetic to Russia or the rebels of Donbass. No forgiveness for them, even in the case of “remorse” will not be warned Koshkin in an interview, “Chernivtsi prominy”.

“I would not say that freedom of speech in Ukraine is not. I well remember the story of when I had a very unpleasant conversation with the President. I was completely justifiable emotions, this was due to the fact Babchenko and the “list of 47″, I said, in the face. With an eye on the status, I’d have to behave a bit more correctly. If it was about Yanukovych, the next day I got in the wording would be SBU, the Prosecutor General’s office, would pluck all the servers and houses ten searches for some relevant reason. After that, there was nothing,” he complimented the cat’s generosity Poroshenko, which impartial critics have called the media evil and vindictive person.

“In fact, the times (after the coup in Ukraine – ed.) has changed. To compare better or worse, a little quackery. Has changed the limits of the freedom of the journalist. If you do something, you take personal responsibility.

If you worked for many years on the propaganda online, and then say that all realized and repented, forgive me, a sinner – who designed this circus?

Or if the person says, well, I did some interviews, but I didn’t understand what I’m doing, generally there happened to be passing by – what were you thinking when you were in the air, why are you asking questions?

It is the responsibility of each, the measure of the conscience of each. That’s all, it’s a very simple feature,” added cat.

Recall that in Kiev after the Euromaidan was killed well-known journalist and writer Oles Buzina, criticized the coup in Ukraine. The suspects in his murder, the militants of the ATO was released by the court under pressure from radical right-wing organizations.

Many journalists were arrested on charges of working for the Russian media or calls to boycott mobilization in the civil war in the Donbass.