“Man-sex at any age”: Nadezhda Meyher presented his new work, striking beauty and sensitivity

«Человек-секс в любом возрасте»: Надежда Мейхер презентовала свою новую работу, поразив красотой и чувствительностью

The former soloist of group “via Gra”, the famous singer Nadezhda Meyher presented his new work for the song “Hope”, reports Newsmir.info. So, according to the artist, the song was written for her singer Alyosha. “We met in my boutique “Meiher by Meiher” thanks to Vadim the Fox began to communicate. And I realized that we are very similar! I sincerely wish Alena wrote me a song. A couple of months later we crossed paths in the recording Studio, and Alyosha was just stunned me with the phrase: “Nadia! I want to write a song for you!”. I have no words!!! Half an hour later, Alena was already singing my “Hope” in the Studio – and I feel represented the arrangement and its manner of execution, and the clip! This song is myself,” – said Meyher.

Note, the new Hopes aroused in network delight. Many fans are vying to leave their comments, noting that over the years the woman became even more sensitive and sexual. “It’s great that we still have people who don’t “adjust” their creativity under the current standards.. Hope You and Your music is beautiful!” “Bravo, Nadia! Amazing work! Such an easy, pleasant song with beautiful lyrics. The video was very sensual and beautiful. A great combination of visuals and music! I loved it!”, “An amazing woman! I’ve never thought that Hope could be so romantic and fragile!”, “Hope with age, all the prettier and prettier”, “wow! Admire! Want more.”