Marie-Jeanne Musiol, and the luminous world of plants

Marie-Jeanne Musiol et le monde lumineux des plantes

Photo: PFOAC
Photo taken from “The forest radiant”

The images of the tenuous nature are more numerous. In this context, those produced by Marie-Jeanne Musiol earn a singular place, as an act of resistance driven by a fascination immoderate to the plant, which makes account of The forest looking radiant. A herbarium energy (PFOAC, 2018), publication substantial launched last fall.

It presents the herbarium of the artist, images of leaves imbued. Since 1997, the artist captures by a process of electromagnetic the light footprint of the plant, an approach which owes much to science. The notes with theoretical and scholarly bibliography — linking both the biology and quantum physics that in medicine, the book to read about felt to the artist who commented lovingly his project. No “signature vibration” of the plant he was unconcerned by. “When I open the great book of nature, it shines from all sides,” she wrote.

The winner in last November’s recognition award of the City of Gatineau, for his involvement in the community, including as co-founder of the center Daîmön, Gatineau, Marie-Jeanne Musiol book a plea captivating in favour of a botanical energy, able to open on the approaches of holographic and multidimensional in the world. His recent work in photo and video, is also the subject of an exhibition at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain (963 Rachel street East, Montreal), until Saturday 2 march.


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