Mass murder of Kerch: the invaders came to a sudden conclusion by the arrow

Массовое убийство в Керчи: оккупанты пришли к неожиданному выводу по стрелку

Shooter Vladislav Roslyakov, who arranged the mass murder of Kerch in College, acted alone. This conclusion was made by Russian investigators, according to ONLINE.UA with reference to the press service of the Russian Federation Sledkoma.

“The investigation details, it is set to Roslyakova as the surrounding territory and the building of the College on the day of the crime. The evidence obtained and the evidence which recorded his actions. Based on available data, the investigation concluded that Roslyakov acted alone,” he told the occupants the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin during the operational meeting in the case of the massacre in Kerch College.

Russian investigators said that now details are researched personality Roslyakova, his views, psychological state prior to and at the time of the crime. The report said also that Roslyakovo, which is after the crime has committed suicide, “the post-mortem appointed complex psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination”.

Netizens are outraged by the unexpected conclusion of investigators in Kerch arrow. They believe that the occupants are publicly lying about the results of the investigation to shield terrorists.

“Student of the Kerch College: “there were two Explosions. Fired from rifles. Shots were fired from different places. One person could never move quickly”. No reason not to believe the words of a guy I do not see. Russia is once again lying to protect terrorists. I wonder why?” reminded in a network eyewitness, who spoke at length about all aspects of the tragedy.