“Matilda is better”: his Fans compare his new wife with a pig

«Матильда лучше»: Поклонники Шнурова сравнили его новую супругу со свиньей

Fans have made it clear to Sergei that they are not enthusiastic about the break with Mathilde and his marriage two months after the divorce on an unknown woman they don’t like.

In your account in Instagram Sergey Shnurov has published a photo with a pig on a leash. Many have found it quite nice and told in the comments, which is very sympathetic to animals.

However, there were also admirers of the Cord, who likened his new wife with the pig. Apparently, they believe that Matilda is clearly better than the current passion of Sergei, and it is worth pondering what choices he makes in his life.

The fact that Cords had married a new woman two months after the divorce, which is very angered its subscribers. They believe that the new spouse does not more than casually tucked under his arm girl, with which he soon parted. Besides, according to fans, she clearly can’t be better than Elena’s Brain (Matilda), because with her he lived many years in marriage and knew the woman very long, and she, in turn, greatly loved him.

The approval of Sergei that his new wife is a very good man, have not had the desired action and many fans took them as a challenge for the Matilda, saying that the new wife is much better than the former.

Thus, “make a joke” and comparing the new wife of a Cord to the pig fans tried to offend the passion of Sergei, to prove to him that Matilda was still the best woman in his life and to impose their views.