Mayor-elect criticizes Robert Moses-era as racist infrastructure

Eric Adams has got down to be the alternative of Robert Moses when he’s sworn in as mayor subsequent 12 months. 

He referred to as out the legendary constructing tycoon in an interview with Brian Lehrer on WNYC Nov. 10 and went even additional to say that New York Metropolis’s infrastructure is racist. After the interview, Adams tweeted, “Yup. Racism is built into our infrastructure, and we need to confront and combat it. Capping the Cross Bronx Expressway is just the start!” 

The controversial Bronx Expressway shall be capped utilizing cash from President Joe Biden’s just lately handed infrastructure invoice. The overpass is linked to a neighborhood with some of the highest rates of asthma in the city. A cap on highways usually permits for a deck bridge with buildings or parks to be constructed over the highway, reconnecting the areas on either side and lowering the necessity for site visitors beneath the highway. 

The Cross Bronx Expressway was constructed by Robert Moses, and whereas respect for him rings all through all the buildings and streets named after him, it’s changing into clear to some politicians how the extra dangerous features of his work might have focused neighborhoods deemed undesirable to white high-income residents. 

Sophia, a Bronx resident, referred to as in to WNYC to let the mayor-elect know her concern. “We have a lot of green spaces, we need to unite the Bronx that’s been divided by the Cross Bronx. The amount of air pollution that’s happening from the Cross Bronx is huge,” she mentioned. 

It’s an unlucky fact that has bodily divided part of the Bronx in half. Splitting communities with highways occurs everywhere in the nation—It’s occurred just lately in Los Angeles, resulting in residents of color losing their homes. Within the Bronx, it resulted in decrease property worth and a city-wide image for city decay. 

Transportation marketing consultant Matt Carmody spoke with PoliticsNY about what he believes the true value of infrastructure just like the Cross Bronx is for communities of shade. “It really dates back to the golden age of the automobile when Robert Moses came to power as a planner and later highway builder in New York City,” Carmody mentioned. At AKRF, Carmody has labored with metropolis residents to safe a grant in New Rochelle that may flip a roadway right into a greenway, reconnecting a deprived neighborhood to its downtown. 

“It takes political attention so I’m glad we have that in the incoming mayor and I’m glad we have the stars aligning in the infrastructure money,” Carmody mentioned. 

Nonetheless, the idea of racism in infrastructure can rub many the flawed approach, as tradition wars being waged within the political panorama are requiring us to look in a different way at race. Carmody mentioned that although racism in our authorities tasks might be uncomfortable to speak about, it’s nonetheless vital to spend money on communities which were regarded over. 

“I think this mayor is going to have more equity built into his agendas for infrastructure investment so there is a fair allocation of infrastructure money to help road safety,” he mentioned.

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