Meeting between spirituality and technology

Rencontre entre la spiritualité et la technologie

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty
Performer Sun Launière and the visual designer Gonzalo Soldi share this impression that words are vehicles of expression inadequate.

Performer Sun Launière and the visual designer Gonzalo Soldi did not know each other before, but their first collaboration was obviously a carrier. Put in touch by the director, Xavier Huard, the duo tests at ZH Festival a laboratory, bearing in part on this meeting between their mids respective. Umanishish has a “meeting between the spiritual and the technology, between the past and the present,” says the young Innu from Mashteuiatsh, for which this new cooperation has made it possible ” to push the performance to another level “.

Very attracted by the indigenous cultures and their relation to the earth, the creator of ancestry peruvian, he wanted to explore how to “create environments that are more natural, organic” with its visual tools. “We can represent the link between humans and nature, a connection that has often been lost in the city, thanks to technology. Showing a magic that is bigger than the man. “Also opposed it, appear, nature and technology share, according to Gonzalo Soldi, a transcendent dimension, a wonderful aspect and often incomprehensible to ordinary mortals.

See it differently

From the movements offered by Sun Launière, the design team has improvised videos, lights and sounds and wrap-around performer, and created tables in a very instinctive (a word that often comes up in the conversation). In Umanishish, Gonzalo Soldi — who is interviewed with his co-creator in the Hub Studio, which he co-founded — work live with a half-dozen cameras. “My job is to take what the camera sees, to the work and to give the viewer a different point of view, magnified, of what is happening on stage. I put just focus on one part of the body. In order to open a door to another perspective and show people that we can see differently what is in front of us. “

The viewer is immersed in an immersive world, where it is up to him to interpret, ” to seek within himself what he saw “. The designer compares the creation to a meeting between two strangers. “Initially, there was some fears, we try to see where are the limits of this other person. And through discussion, we often discover things about oneself. “

Sun Launière speaks of a return to the simplicity, the naivety of the human being, once stripped of its outer layers. “To meet [the other], we often need him to affix categories. How to remove all these categories and arrive at the meeting pure, more instinctive ? “

In the bowels of nature

Umanishish means ” foetus of moose “, an animal that is part of the life of the innu artist since her early childhood. “Before the birth, there is an unknown, a hope,” she says. We don’t know in what world you will land. And it is in a very protector. As soon as you enter the other universe, to the outside, it is a little chaos. What is one fact of our nature, to our animals ? It destroys the environment in which they live, the environment in which we live. So, we try to see what it means today to return to the womb, the comfort of the womb. “

A theme not militant but poetic, which seeks a more profound understanding and inner. The creation has anyway few texts (but the vocals). If Sun Launière love the performance, among others, it is because she is ” pretty easy to communicate with the body and the voice, without having to say. It moves in time, it is open. It is a communication environment. I always had troubles to communicate. So the performance was for me the easiest way to reach people and to say what I had to say, in a way poetic, but without words. “

This preference rests, in part, a cultural dimension. “Among the Innu, it is not very talkative, she notes. We laugh a lot. But the communication is different. She spends more by the silence and the presence. “

But beyond the culture, Sun Launière sharing with Gonzalo Soldi, yet multi-lingual, this impression that words are vehicles of expression inadequate. “Often the language is blocking us, because we do not speak all the same,” adds the performer. It does not necessarily include all of the same way. “This is what the young artist looks for in the performance : to provide an additional degree of communication, that does not go with the verb. “Just being [physically] one with the other, we can understand more easily, I think. It is possible to create more direct links. “


Performance : Sun Launière. Directed by : Xavier Huard. Technical manager : Gonzalo Soldi. Sound design : Guillaume Roberts-Cambron. Assistance in the visual design : Gaspard Philippe. At the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, the 17th of July.