Melitopol mayor told the seniors, what is being done on the creation of a public transport

Мэр Мелитополя рассказал пенсионерам, какая работа проводится по созданию коммунального транспорта

During the exit meeting, which Melitopol mayor Sergiy Minko traditionally held 2-3 times a month, residents of the so-called area of the “box” raised the question of running buses in concessional routes 3-B (New Sumi) and 22 (hospital town). The mayor explained that the run is only 2 communal bus to the city does not make sense. Currently, the power to decide the question of running 20 units of public transport.

We will remind, this year the city government was able to take a credit in the amount of UAH 50 million. in the state Bank of Ukraine part of which will be spent on the purchase of 20 modern buses. They will join the rolling stock of the new utility company which will be engaged in city transportation of passengers and, according to the idea of government, must compete with private buses.

– Now there are final negotiations on the system of control and accounting of funds. In our understanding public transport should be profitable, but only on the repayment of the loan and interest as in the rest of this transport must operate as a social, taking the pressure off our citizens. And after the decision of this question we first 20 units will be able to distribute for special minibuses in the city, – have informed residents during the exit meeting Sergey Minko.

One of the pensioners proposed to put yet two concessionary bus on two routes. However, the mayor said that, firstly, sees no reason to negotiate on this issue with the traders, so as to carry free of charge one, they will not. Second, the two buses cannot solve the problem.

– One bus will not solve the problem. On the contrary, it will cause negative. You say thank you, others will criticize and demand buses on their routes. To attract private business to the solution of this social problem, I think, wrong. No free carry will not. Big demands from citizens – we have a lot of older people. Tens of thousands of people here, you have to be conscious together with the deputies of all the risks to evaluate when creating a KP – the answer to the questions of the citizens the mayor.