Mikhail Shufutinsky returned to Russia for a new lady

Михаил Шуфутинский вернулся в Россию ради новой избранницы

This spring the musician said with sweetheart at a social event in celebration of the anniversary of Mikhail Gutseriev.

Popular in the former Soviet Union by the Mikhail Shufutinsky returned to Russia for a new lady. She was a 42-year-old dancer in his show ballet Svetlana Urazova. She helped her to cope with depression and to survive the departure of his wife Margaret.

More recently, Mikhail Shufutinsky lived in Los Angeles in his house, and now he lives in the suburban Boot near Vnukovo. This piece of land the actor purchased more than a decade ago, to build a beautiful house, which now serves 20 people.

It is believed that the reason for the return anybody home became his new love. Svetlana Urazova has a daughter from his first marriage, who lives in Russia and she doesn’t want to leave the baby alone for a long time, so was able to persuade her lover to come home.

Earlier, the singer claimed that his family is two sons and seven grandchildren and a new marriage he did not need.

By the way, a performance artist in Moscow can be seen in the Kremlin, where he will play several hits as part of the show-program “the Winter’s tale for adults.”