Monsanto found guilty in the trial Roundup

Monsanto reconnu coupable dans le procès Roundup

Photo: Josh Edelson Agence France-Presse
The complainant Dewayne Johnson

The jury of a court in San Francisco has condemned Friday the giant of the agrochemical american Monsanto to pay nearly $ 290 million in damages for failing to inform the dangerousness of its herbicide Roundup cause cancer of a gardener american.

The jurors determined that Monsanto had acted with “malice” and that its herbicide Roundup, as well as its professional version, RangerPro, had “substantially” contributed to the disease of the complainant, Dewayne Johnson.

The latter claimed more than $ 400 million, arguing that these products had caused his cancer and that Monsanto had knowingly hidden their dangerousness.

The american giant has been sentenced to 250 million dollars in punitive damages, with $ 39.2 million of compensatory interest.

Monsanto, which has just been bought by the German Bayer, was pursued by the American 46-year-old, who suffers from terminal cancer after being sprayed with Roundup for several years.

The father of two children, Mr. Johnson was diagnosed two years ago with a non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, incurable, for which he won numerous lesions on the body.

Between 2012 and 2014, he has sprayed on school grounds, a small town in California, in the western United States, Roundup, whose active ingredient is glyphosate, a weed killer is as effective as it is controversial, as well as the RangerPro, another product of the same type.