Montreal will invest $ 75 million in its parks, and its banks

Montréal investira 75 millions dans ses parcs et ses berges

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Montreal covets land located in shoreline, particularly along the rivière des Prairies.

Montreal has confirmed on Thursday its intention to invest $ 75 million over three years for the purchase of adjoining property and for the rehabilitation and greening of local parks.

These amounts had been included in the triennial Program of capital assets 2019-2021 filed last fall.

The amount of 18 million of the Plan water will be used for restoration and streambank stabilization in 11 boroughs. “In some places, there may be erosion that goes up to five meters per year,” said Valerie Plant on Thursday.

Montreal could also proceed to the purchase of land by shore and covet several, particularly along the rivière des Prairies. “We want to be able to offer the public access to the shoreline continuously,” said Ms. Plant.

The mayor and the head of the great parks to the executive committee, LucFerrandez, have not wanted to appoint designated sites, but they recalled that the lands of several religious congregations could become available in a future more or less close.

Valérie Plante has reported that the City was about to make the acquisition of a plot of land of the congregation of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel of Canada, in the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro. A promise of sale was signed in June 2017 and the transaction is expected to close in march next year. This project will benefit from the program’s water Plan, said the mayor.

The project bath port in Old Montreal, which was slow to be realized, will not qualify for this program. Valerie Plant ensures, however, that it ” is always in the cards “, but that he presents ” technical challenges “.

Parks to cool off

The other program is for the rehabilitation and greening of the local parks (of which there are 1300 in Montreal. It will have a budget of 57 million, which corresponds to an average of $ 1 million per park per district for a period of 3 years.

These monies may be used by the boroughs for the development of trails, renovation of chalets, parks or the acquisition of green spaces. The boroughs will therefore be invited to submit projects by 31 march.

Snow removal: Montreal serves as the “punching bag”, according to the mayor

Referred to by critics on the social networks about the problems of snow removal, the mayor Valérie Plante believes that Montreal serves as the “punching bag ” for the entire metropolitan region. “I was with the mayors of the crown of south and north the last week and a bit at the joke, they said :” Fortunately, there was Montreal, which is the lightning rod for all criticism “, ” she explained Thursday.

Montreal receives more media attention than the suburbs, she reported : “I think that it serves as a bit of a punching bag for the entirety of the practices of snow removal “.

In the words of the mayor, the elected members of the suburbs also receive their share of criticism from citizens frustrated by the winter. The City of Montreal launched Thursday night, his fifth operation of the loading of the winter. Since the beginning of the month of January, the metropolis has received 191 inches of snow and 163 millimeters of rain.


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