MotoGP: Livio Suppo predicted heavy 2019 for Repsol Honda

MotoGP: Ливио Суппо предсказал тяжелый 2019 год для Repsol Honda

The former boss of the Repsol Honda MotoGP, now occupying the post in Thok Bikes, producing bikes at the Milan Motorcycle was caught on the stand Ducati: Thok it makes for a Borgo Panigale – and under the brand the great mountain, which we then see in the sale with a red nameplate on the frame.

RACING.RU, 9 November 2018 – the History of cooperation Livio Suppo with Ducati and Honda has more than 15 years. Rather, he this story and created: in 2002, pushed the Ducati Corse, which was working, to join in MotoGP, taking the post of Manager of the factory; and in 2009 went to work for Honda Racing – first in the status of unofficial PR Manager, and then, in 2010, when he managed to catch Casey Stoner, state Director of the Respol Honda. This post, Suppo held until the end of 2017, when he decided to retire. The motivation was this: “15 years of constant stress, which have not been [for him].”

Now, Suppo again happy and smiling, especially when meeting with old friends. And he’s still in the party, however, in a new role: he is back with the Ducati, however, is as a supplier of its own product: Ducati MIG-RR was exhibited at the booth of the Italian company in one of the Central places, go past him impossible. One of these bikes at the time, as a gift received Jorge Lorenzo.

It is about Jorge and the conversation went when the company joined the Italian journalists and project Manager HRC at the rally-marathon “Dakar” Martino Bianchi.

“In fact, specifically this model – MIG-RR is not yet available to the public, but soon will be! This is a cool bike with a lot of very high-tech components, fast and durable. Jorge would’ve liked him, but I’m afraid it is now impossible to have” – with a laugh said, Suppo, hinting at the transition to Lorenzo to Honda Racing in the near future.

Suppo found and signed for Honda Racing many good pilots, but the story of Lorenzo passed him in 2017, when Jorge came to Ducati, Suppo already knew that he will be leaving the MotoGP paddock. Remained only to observe and make notes in the margins – out of habit.

“To be honest, few of us believed that he [Lorenzo] will be able to make such a break with Ducati and it is well adapted to the end of 2017. Now it is waiting for Honda. It will be a big challenge for them, particularly for Marquez”.

“Today RC213V looks more stable than a couple of years ago, and given that Ducati catches up, I think the season will be interesting to 2019. Get a clear antagonist Mark, don’t forget – they are two opposites, therefore they get along. Now for the Ducati, there comes a time for decisive action, and Get the main rate of the plant. He was confident and strong as ever.”

“Jorge? It will be a pain for Mark. But maybe in a good way, because his presence will spur the Brand to progress. Sometimes it is difficult to assume what will happen in the event and give some kind of forecast, mainly due to the fact that the risk of error is too high. And who wants it then goaded? I don’t know how fast Jorge will be able to get comfortable aboard the Honda, but understand that it will be fast on that bike. I think I’ll be able to achieve at least the same level as the Ducati. For Mark this is a test to see the progress mate. And he’s not even to help him have!”

MotoGP: Ливио Суппо предсказал тяжелый 2019 год для Repsol Honda