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Mysterious pink pigeon rescued from Madison Square Park

Mysterious pink pigeon rescued from Madison Square Park

This was not as nature supposed.

A pigeon that had been dyed pink was rescued in Madison Square Park Monday and transported to a hen rehabilitation heart on the Higher West Aspect.

When the hen was discovered, it smelled strongly of fragrance and its left eyelid was torn. It was additionally freezing chilly and considered severely malnourished, in response to Rita McMahon, the director of the Wild Fowl Fund, which is now caring for the pigeon.

“Everyone’s horrified,” stated McMahon.

McMahon stated her group was uncertain what chemical had been used on the pigeon – which has since been named Flamingo – however emphasised that dyes are extraordinarily harmful to birds. Specifically, dyes might be harmful to feathers, making it unimaginable for birds to shed water and keep heat.

McMahon stated the younger pigeon was much more susceptible as a result of it was a home hen that didn’t know learn how to forage for meals, making it simple prey for hawks and different predators.

“They simply just don’t have street smarts,” she stated.

She didn’t know why the hen was stained pink however stated her finest guess – which was shared by pigeon advocates with whom she’d consulted – is that it was utilized in a gender reveal social gathering.

Carlos Rodriguez, who rescued the hen, initially thought it was a parrot.

“I’ve never seen a pink pigeon,” he stated. “And I’ve been rescuing animals all my life.”

Rodriguez has saved a number of the metropolis’s hawks, squirrels and parrots, however stated pigeons comprise the majority of his rescues as a result of individuals don’t like them. “People run them over intentionally,” he stated.

After he rescued Flamingo, he took the hen uptown in a taxi.

Flamingo, estimated to be about 5 weeks previous, is now recuperating in a spacious, stainless-steel cage. McMahon stated the hen would have the ability to see its reflection within the partitions, “which makes one feel better.” It’s also receiving antibiotics and being evaluated for illness.

McMahon was hopeful that Flamingo can get better within the subsequent two months and be transferred to a sanctuary, the place it is going to obtain common meals, be surrounded by fellow king pigeons, and have freedom to fly in an area protected from predators.

She stated that anybody who sees a hen that seems tame and misplaced can convey it to the Wild Fowl Fund or the Animal Care Facilities of New York Metropolis.

Final 12 months alone, the Wild Fowl Fund cared for 55 king pigeons and practically 5,000 feral pigeons.

“Any bird that can be approached and picked up needs help,” the Wild Fowl Fund added in a press release.

Each McMahon and Rodriguez expressed dismay that folks have been utilizing dye on pigeons.

“They’re not props,” stated Rodriguez. “Animals have feelings and life and people discard them. You should’ve seen this poor animal, how she was shaking on the ground.”

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