Mystic wooden boat off the coast of Japan: nobody knows where they come from

Мистические деревянные лодки у берегов Японии: никто не знает, откуда они берутся

“Ghost ships” with a terrible cargo.

About a hundred old wooden boat washed up on the shores of Northern Japan this year.

Sometimes they are empty, and sometimes they contain the corpses or skeletons, what they called “Ghost ship”. They are floating, probably from North Korea, writes Vice.

The arrival of these ships in coastal waters of Japan has become something of a seasonal phenomenon, autumn and winter when wind driven dozens of boats to the archipelago from the West. This time last year it was reported that in 2017 to the shores of Japan nailed a 44 Ghost ship. In 2016, 66.

This year’s Yomiuri Shimbun reports record number: according to the coast guard, Tokyo, 89 shipwrecked and deserted of ships was discovered off the Japanese coast. Many of them were seen in the Northern region of Hokkaido, and almost all on the Western side of the Islands facing the Korean Peninsula.

Five ships of the 89 was discovered dead body just 12.

According to analysts, some of the boats were the refugees who left North Korea because of the intolerable social and political conditions of life. According to another theory, Ghost ships belonged to the fishermen who were trying to meet quotas for the catch of fish.

The regime of Kim Jong-UN requires North Korean fishermen to carry the inflated plan to fish to ensure the country’s starving proteins, which probably forces them to take risks, swim farther in search of fish.

Anyway, the annual influx of ships from North Korea disturbs a Japanese, and the government has increased the number of sea patrols, whose task is to find the lost boats and their crews – dead or alive.

Although most of the boats either empty or progeny corpses, some were intercepted in Japanese waters with live teams. Last year a group of fishermen returning home with the bodies of the victims.

And how would you do in place of the Japanese?

Nikita Skorobogatov.