Nadraga: Even the increased minimum salary in Ukraine is below the poverty line

Надрага: Даже повышенная минималка в Украине находится за чертой бедности

Minimum pensions and wages in Ukraine are below the poverty line and lower social standards. This was stated by former Minister of labour and social policy Vasily Nadraga broadcast a great political talk show “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“Today, the minimum pension is raised to 72 C. It’s literally 2% of what she makes from the total amount – the minimum pension is $ 57. There is an international standard of the UN for Eastern Europe and Ukraine – the standard by which the poverty line is $ 150 a month. 150 and 57”, – he said.

Nadraga also noted that the minimum zarlata also “not up” to standard UN.

“Minimal 3753, is 4173. But we have a minimum salary is what is charged, but not what is issued. Man receives at the hands of 2997. If you raise the standard of people on hand to obtain 3359 UAH, that is Standart, who laid the UN, even with the increases, will “not endure” UAH 865 – and is a soft formulation,” he explained.

In addition, Nadraga reminded about inflation, which “consumes resources of the person”.

“We need to understand that adding or subtracting, we must consider inflation. For October, inflation is 7.5 %, November and December add. In the budget of 2019, the year laid down 7.4 percent inflation, and in fact it was 10%. It turns out that in addition to these 57 dollars, we have 10%, but because inflation will eat”, – added ex-the Minister.

He concluded that the minimum pension and the salary in Ukraine “below all conceivable standards, and the figures for the population adjusted for inflation become horribly miserable.