“Naftogaz” told what to do with illegal assessments of gasbeton Firtash

"Нафтогаз" рассказал, что делать с незаконными доначислениями газсбытов Фирташа

The company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” concerned about reports from several regions that the regional gas and assbite group of Dmitry Firtash dezinformiruet consumers about their negative decisions, shifting responsibility for them to “Naftogaz”. This is stated in the statement of the NAC.

It is noted that such actions on the part of gas companies and hassatou intensified in recent weeks. “This may indicate that the implementation of a coordinated plan whose goal is to create artificial inconvenience to the consumers, discrediting the reform of the Ukrainian gas market and protection of the illegal monopoly of passbytes,” – said in a statement.

In November most consumers of the Ukraine got their gas suppliers (of passbytes) bills with additional charges in October and a warning about additional charges for the previous three years with a significant amounts. The reason assbite called “reduction of gas volume to standard conditions of measurement”, allegedly at the request of “Naftogaz”.

The company says that it has received information that the management of regional gas companies and hassatou holds meetings with representatives of the public, which is trying to shift the blame for their predatory decisions on the “Naftogaz”.

“Please note that “Naftogaz” is in no way involved in the decision passbytes to demand from customers additional amounts and condemns such actions. The relevant costs are already kompensiruet related structures glassbytes – regional gas companies through the mechanism of production and technological losses. Additional lead to double payment of the same amount of gas to create a virtual debt, which in the future will prevent users to switch to other suppliers of gas,” – said in a statement.

The national Commission responded to the violation and, by order dated November 23, banned such additional charges, said the company.

The specialists of “Naftogaz” has prepared for consumers, the sequence of actions and document templates, “which will allow you to get rid of virtual debt and to preserve freedom of choice of gas supplier”.