Named the five diseases you can catch from a cat

Названы пять болезней, которыми можно заразиться от кота

Cats are our favorite Pets, friends and companions. But getting an animal, we take on a huge responsibility, and even risk. The fact that some of the diseases Pets are equally dangerous for humans. And to get, do not have to be the owner of the animal is enough to prokonsultirovat him on the street or at a party. Therefore, it is important to know about possible dangers as much as possible.


The infection occurs due to excrement of pet – for example, when cleaning the kitty litter. Also, the disease you can catch by eating poorly cooked meat and the processing of raw. The disease is generally asymptomatic, but the acute form can cause fever, nausea, cramps, inflammation of the lymph nodes.

The disease is very dangerous for expectant mothers. It may cause fetal serious disease brain, nervous system, provoke a miscarriage, and even lead to the death of a child. In addition, the baby may appear congenital toxoplasmosis, jaundice or mental retardation.


One of the most dangerous and unpredictable disease, and occurs most often in wild animals or picked from the street. Is transmitted through blood, mucous and saliva by a bite. Immediately identify the infection will not work: the incubation period ranges from 10 days. Usually a person begins to shiver, feel sick, over time, affects the spinal cord. The best way to be safe is vaccination, since the appearance of the first symptoms of a chance to cure rabies is minimal.


Acute bacterial infection to bring a lot of unpleasant moments and causes fever, diarrhea, disrupts the gastrointestinal tract. Transmitted through poorly treated food during contact with Pets or cleaning cages.

Salmonella are virtually immune to antibiotics, so treatment takes a lot of time and effort.


Most often disease is passed on to children through contact with Pets. A person has the characteristic rash on body, swollen face, fever starts. In contact with the larvae in the ocular system observed damage to the eyes. Heart disease and the respiratory system increase the risk of death.


Bacterial infection can be transmitted by sexual contact or airborne routes, but the risk of infection from furry friend are also there. For cats, the disease is much more dangerous than for the host, as in some cases it may lead to the death of a pet.