Named the most dangerous human parasites

Названы самые опасные человеческие паразиты

Parasitic organisms await people at every step, but meeting with some of them can be fatal. This writes the Chronicle. info with reference to


Roundworms that cause lymphatic filariasis, or “elephant disease”, common in the tropics. Once in the human body, the filaria impress the lymphatic system and disrupt its work. It may take years before the typical symptoms: chronic swelling of tissues and thickening of the skin. In tropical countries it is necessary to use repellents and mosquito nets.


Flat worms, widespread in tropical fresh water. Able to penetrate the human body through the skin, mucous membranes and when ingested the water, are fixed in the walls of blood vessels and provoke the development of sistemose. This is a dangerous disease that is nevertheless amenable to treatment. Standard prevention is to wash hands, vegetables and fruit and not to swim in tropical waters.

Naegleria Fowler

The most dangerous single-celled brain amoeba – distributed around the globe, dwells in fresh water. The parasite gets into the nose along with the water and the olfactory nerve enters the brain, causing amoebic meningoencephalitis. It is important not to miss the first symptoms: severe headaches, hallucinations, blurred vision and seizures – and in time to see a doctor.