Natalia igrunova complaining that her face numbed

Наталья Игрунова жалуется, что у нее онемело лицо

Participant of “House-2” complained of pain and changes in facial expressions.

About a week ago on the reality show “Dom-2” was a fight, threatening in a loud consequences for all participants of the incident.

As it became known, fought igrunova Natalia and Olga Sudarkina. Alas, some bruises did not stop – igrunova was in the hospital and underwent several operations.

Natalia igrunova after a fight tells in detail about his health on his page in Instagram. According to her, rehabilitation after surgery is given with great difficulty.

Shortly after admission Igrunov told what procedures were carried out with her doctors. According to her, now she disturb the seams and ill treated areas of the face.

The seam goes from the nose to the back teeth. I can feel him hard, dense, constantly sick. Hard is, a speech impediment is

Igrunov said that after her surgery numb face, and changed facial expressions. Friends and family say that she now not like yourself.

Beaten the star of the show “Dom-2” was also published on his page in Instagram photo with her mom, and in the comment thanked her for the sleepless nights spent by the child’s bed, Natalia.

Edition usnisa. Russia reminds that some time ago, one of the co-host of “House-2”, the singer Olga Orlova commented on the fight on a reality show. She did not take a position any of their participating in the incident and declared emotionally that the project is not welcome violence.

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