NETGEAR has introduced futuristic Wi-Fi router Nighthawk AX8

NETGEAR представила футуристичный Wi-Fi роутер Nighthawk AX8

Wi-Fi routers of the modern type are often surprised by their unusual forms and technical implementation – while most manufacturers try to hide the protruding items such as antennas inside of the cylinders and layers, other manufacturers are more willing to experiment with new forms-factors. Thus, the network equipment maker NETGEAR today unveiled its new model a Wi-Fi router high power called Nighthawk AX8, which in its form is more like a smaller copy of the starship from the Star Wars universe than the standard router. However, no one talked about the fact that the model is standard.

With its small and slim body with two rushing up “wings” on both sides, the model AX8 is really unusual choice for those users who are accustomed to acquire quite standard in appearance and functional routers. However, with regard to its internal characteristics and embedded technologies, the model AX8 not for nothing has the prefix AX in the title – because it actually supports AX is a set of technologies of the wireless connection, otherwise referred to as Wi-Fi 6.

This means not only the amplified signal of the wireless connection, but also an opportunity to connect even more devices. And thanks to the OFDMA technology, the router has the ability to create an entire system of interconnected devices – in particular it will be useful for those users who want to connect various devices within a smart home system.

Cost NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 at the moment is 399 USD that is quite expensive for a Wi-Fi router, but do not forget about its filling and improved features. In addition, the developers initially put emphasis on the use of this router in those systems requiring a connection speed of more than 3 GB/s and the router can provide up to 6 GB/s. it Should be noted that when such opportunities presented the price is very attractive.

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