Network of poachers dismantled in Mauricie

Réseau de braconniers démantelé en Mauricie

Photo: Alexander Shields The Duty
The white-Tailed deer is a species that is particularly targeted by poachers in Quebec.

The protection agents of the wildlife department of the ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks were dismantled on Wednesday in the Mauricie region a network of poachers, who took it out on several different animal species, including in the purpose of re-selling the meat of the animals hunted illegally.

According to what was explained to the Having Barry Brisebois, regional director of wildlife protection for the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, in charge of this operation, called “Cormorant,” at least 40 people were arrested in the framework of the kick-net led at the end of a three-year investigation. Individuals could face a total of a hundred charges, and fines totaling approximately $100,000.

“We are talking about a network that had a field of action very wide and that was probably all year,” he said, pointing out that the poachers were acting on the territory of the municipalities of Yamachiche and Louiseville, but also on lake Saint-Pierre, an area where there is a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO.

Poachers killed several different species, including several species of ducks, geese, wild geese, wild turkeys, white-Tailed deer, moose, bears and coyotes. They were fishing illegally in the yellow perch and walleye. Wildlife officers, however, have not seized of meat or fish, since everything the game had previously been elapsed, said Mr. Brisebois.

Called to qualify the scale of the operation conducted on Wednesday, he said that it was ” of average size “, if one compares it to the operation ” Twilight “, conducted in November 2016. More than 60 individuals were detained, including because of their involvement in a network of poaching also active in the Mauricie region.

According to Barry Brisebois, poaching remains very present in Quebec. “I don’t see a decrease,” he lamented Wednesday. “It was there 30 years and I am convinced that in 10 years or 20 years, agents will have to conduct the same kind of operations. “

He also invited citizens to report any acts of poaching to SOS Poaching at 1 800 463-2191. The information remains confidential.


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