NHL: In Pittsburgh thinking about change

НХЛ: В Питтсбурге задумались о переменах

Evgeni Malkin is well aware of the unhappy General Manager, “Pittsburgh penguins” Jim Rutherford, the official website of the NHL.

This season Pittsburgh started with six victories and eight defeats 6-5-3, losing their last five matches in a row (0-4-1), including the Washington capitals on Wednesday with the score 1:2.

Before the game Rutherford in an interview with a radio station in Pittsburgh said that I have been thinking about rebuilding the current composition of the “penguins”, won the Stanley Cup in 2016 and 2017.

“Rutherford is doing his job. Our job is to be here in the locker room, said Malkin after practice on Friday. – We need to support each other, to go on the ice and win. Of course, he is unhappy. And he gave us to understand it. We understand that he was unhappy, and should play as one. Coaches, goalkeepers, team majority, we are all a team. If we lose, he loses the whole team. He’s doing his job, and we have ours”.

Pittsburgh will attempt to break the streak on Saturday (Sunday, 03:00 GMT), when the house will meet with “AZ Coyotes”. If “penguins” will lose again, then you can be taken.

“Maybe our players are too long playing with the same squad, and it’s time to change it,’ said Rutherford during an interview on Wednesday. But I want to see how will play the team in the coming matches”.

Without singling out anyone in particular, Rutherford made clear that “penguins” are still able to rely on Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel and Chris Letang.

“The guys won the Stanley Cup several times, and a career even close to it don’t fit,’ said Rutherford. – We have young players who have already won the Cup. They signed big contracts and calmed down. Forgotten due to what they have achieved this.”

26-year-old striker Brian Rast signed on 26 June the four-year agreement with the team that will bring him $3.5 million on average per season. He has played 14 matches in this tournament, scoring three (1+2) points. Rast believes that should draw conclusions from what said Rutherford.

“I believe that it is his opinion – said Rast. And he makes the decisions. So you need to take this seriously. I believe that his words should motivate us. We need more work.”

During a series of defeats Pittsburgh has scored seven goals, and missed 21.

“We don’t have enough energy, determination,’ said Rutherford. We just want to finish the match. The opponent tries better than us and deserved the victory.” Crosby had not heard this interview, but I can guess what was said by the General Manager.

“Of course he’s upset. Like all of us, ‘ said Crosby. – We don’t like the situation in which we find ourselves. Players must enter the court and play. That’s our job. I don’t know what exactly he said, but I’m sure he feels the same way that we do. We are very unhappy that they lost five games in a row”.