Nikolai Drozdov alone contains a family on a pension of 30 thousand rubles and University salary

Николай Дроздов в одиночку содержит семью на пенсию в 30 тысяч рублей и университетскую зарплату

In the Studio of the program “million dollar Secret” Nikolai Drozdov told about financial troubles in his family and health problems eldest daughter.

Nikolai Drozdov decided to attend the program “the Secret to a million” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. The Studio program he said that one of his daughters chose “the wrong man” and was forced to return to Russia from Australia with two children. Now they are in the care of Nicholas and his wife Natalia, son-in-law sends only a symbolic alimony Drozdov is not satisfied as he single-handedly supports her family on a pension of 30 thousand rubles, and the University salary, which is even less.

While the family of Nicholas befell a new trouble. His eldest daughter Hope fell down the stairs and broke her spine, which draws in front of him, a new financial investment, because his own daughter should be sent to a good clinic and see to decide what to do next.

In General Drozdov believes his family is happy, as he and his wife spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and they are pleased with their day. Senior Filaret mastering computer programming, and little Jan happy grandparents acting.