Of unlikely artists in residence for the summer

D’improbables résidences d’artistes le temps d’un été

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Simon Bertrand has started by painting the gallery walls a deep blue.

A residence of creation in your house ? This is what have access this summer for the artists Simon Bertrand and Roby Provost Blanchard. In the morning, they wake up at home and go to their ” residences “, as well as other go to the office. In the evening return to the house, with their. No need to go abroad to relax.

Simon Bertrand goes from June to the city centre of Montreal. It is he who is in the “home free” from the galerie B-312, centre, with artists from the Belgian, who entrusts his spaces during the summer season to anyone who asks.

“We don’t have the resources to exhibitions year-round, so as to leave the gallery empty, as well to offer it as a workshop. But it is rather informal, ” stresses Marthe Carrier, director of B-312.

The offer comes with a beautiful challenge : to invest 2000 square feet. “I saw the opportunity to be more expansive,” says Simon Bertrand, who launched his career ten years ago by the projects excessive. The series of paintings Foundation has led him to rewrite by hand the entirety of grand narratives such as theOdyssey of Homer or the Bible.

Other projects based also on languages encoded, and the write hold from his mind. Like reinvent a celestial map, born out of his fascination for the huge numbers. The series Atlas must collect, in the eyes of this artist a little borgésien (from Borges, the author of the Library of Babel), all the poems in the world. Simon Bertrand is arrived at B-312 with one intention : to continue his Atlas.

It is difficult to measure the scale of the current phenomenon of the residences. The Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec has supported a study on this subject, but it dates back a dozen years.

The model B-312 stands out because it is held in its exhibition space. The resident is not required to exhibit his project, but he has the opportunity. Simon Bertrand will benefit, who will open the fall season of B-312.

Martha Carrier was found that the residence meets certainly in a need of space but also of time. The schedules tight programming make it difficult to develop works complex.

“If I’d had five months, I would have done something bigger,” says, laughing, Simon Bertrand, who started by painting the large room B-312 a dark blue.

By the end of his stay, he will be a wall which will reproduce, using its own color code, a text by the author Miranda July. The Bertrand more expansive expresses it thus, by this first project in situ, which he completes by a sculpture and a video.

“For a long time, I have made a work of a transcription, on paper, in a frame. I am beginning to think space as a totality, as a work of art, ” he said. The residence comes to the point. I will not only works on a wall. “

The mobile Villa

Roby Provost Blanchard doesn’t have the luxury of working in a large space that will become his showroom. His residence is… a truck. It can, however, claim that, to get there, he must leave his island. This multimedia artist, who dabbled on the side of video games, is among the first to enjoy this summer, in Laval, The Villa, the residence of the artist center in the Vertical direction.

The Villa takes root in a truck similar to those used in street food. The kitchen, here, to a flexible space and equipped with multimedia tools.

To get there, Vertical has been supported to the tune of $ 25,000 by the organization Culture for all, which receives its funds from Quebec in the framework of the cultural Plan digital. The digital equipment is loaned by the City of Laval.

The Villa is born in the spring in order to better accompany each of the projects “outside the walls” of Vertical, which operates without a fixed location. His nomad reality now takes on an identity that is real.

“As it has no place of production or broadcast, we wanted to be more present and make the mediation more solid,” says Karine Larocque, acting director. In the meantime to realize the old dream of immobilization, Vertical is found this truck for 8000 $, that he had hoped to ride for at least five years.

Circuit chairs

Roby Provost Blanchard will not hesitate to move for the 20 days of his residence at the wheel of The Villa. Without real purpose.

“I live in Montreal, I don’t have a car, and be able to move my work-space, it is amazing time,” says the one who basis his landscapes in virtual reality in the actual shooting. The proximity between its raw material and its computers will gain in fluidity, would he.

But there is more to this artist who has entitled his project ” Proposals for the establishment of a circuit of camping chairs RV “. The Villa also allows her to meet people and soak up their stories. “The idea of a truck like that, mobile, decorated, it is a superb beautiful element of mediation,” says-t it.

As Simon Bertrand, but his digital scale, Roby Provost Blanchard is intended to be more expansive and to conduct his practice in a new direction. With their camping chairs, it will be concerned less with architecture and more to the way of life.

“I want to extrapolate from a building, to be able to change it from stories, dreams that I will tell… The idea is to make [a game] related to the displacement. A marina, for example, which is being built as we advance, “said the one who would like to present in September, during the Journées de la culture, a version of “strong enough” of the project.