Okhlobystin: “Lenin and Stalin on the phone, and Putin is in the heart”

Russian actor, film Director and writer Ivan Okhlobystin during the presentation of his new book “Scent of violets” has demonstrated a mobile phone, the cover of which depicts Joseph Stalin, and on the screen – Vladimir Lenin, the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

The audience saw the original phone of the writer, when during a speech he received a call.

“And Putin?” – asked him in the hall.

“Putin in the heart, he is alive still, need to all the right attitude,” – said ohlobystin.

Also the actor said about blocking your page in Twitter.

“Twitter I had a huge one million (subscribers – approx. ed), but it was closed, oddly closed. Apparently, due to the fact that I think in terms of our Russian civilization, and there Anglo-Saxon civilization, and in some… we do not agree unfortunately, because I love their architecture and music,” said Okhlobystin.