On the radar: Éliane Excoffier and nightlife of the wild animals

Sur le radar: Éliane Excoffier et la vie nocturne des animaux sauvages

Photo: Éliane Excoffier
Éliane Excoffier, “Nightlife (14/12/2017)”, 2018

Of the female body to the pets of her daily life, dog and horse, for example, the photographer Éliane Excoffier presents its subjects in a universe of felted rendered by framing and studied the black-and-white. In a new series presented at her gallery Simon Blais, the artist turns to the night life of wild animals.

The eye continuous automated cameras hunting provided him with his materials, images, revealing a activity unsuspected on which the operations of the artist, image manipulation and digital printing film, give an extra mystery. Scenes barely fabulées reveals the dynamic secret of the forest, as cruel as enchanted.

Another corpus makes color the watchful eyes of Excoffier on the environment that it addresses, such as the intimate scenes before, for its affective dimensions. The recalls, inserted in black and white in the sequence, the veil of a delicate curtain to the window, the outside of which is here the ground of the artist. A few images are to be settled the theatre of the seasons and the plot striking of a poor draft animal. Until 30 June.