On the radar: new perspectives in Jocelyne Alloucherie

Sur le radar: nouvelles perspectives chez Jocelyne Alloucherie

Photo: Guy L’heureux
Exhibition “Thresholds” of Jocelyne Alloucherie.

Like many artists, Jocelyne Alloucherie continues in the margin of his personal work, a practice of public art, which it presents here — but not only — of the specimens in the form of models, one of the steps required in the realization. These artifacts workshop, the artist experienced, however, gives a new status ; tables made-to-measure, which are more than simple bases, which are grouped according to assembly studied that dominates in the space of lines of flight.

These miniatures together, summarize a part of the formal vocabulary of the artist, made of elegant, pure volumes, a constant in her sculptures. Two examples of life-size, occupy the space, attesting also to the artist is often in dialogue with other elements more or less dominant. Transparent thread stretched in space and clouds formed of grains of sand say how much the drawing and the photo are as much a part of its register, cherishing the lines of the silhouette as the ephemeral traces.

Sur le radar: nouvelles perspectives chez Jocelyne Alloucherie

Photo: Guy L’heureux
Jocelyne Alloucherie, “the drawings were (1)”, 2018

To large-scale projects, and desired perennial, Alloucherie claims here the share spontaneous more indebted to the sketch, and in which the sculpture may be sometimes jealous. It is permissible to believe in it before a new series of drawings on paper resulting from loose gestures repeated, the masses also volunteers as discrete, sensitive to the body of the performer in action.


Jocelyne Alloucherie. The galeries Roger Bellemare et Christian Lambert, until 23 February.


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