On your screens: the Acadie en fête

Sur vos écrans: l’Acadie en fête

Photo: world Acadian Congress
We will present an overview of the festivities held in the country of la Sagouine in this issue devoted to the national holiday of the Acadians.


The trio who make up vishtèn, the quartet Second Nation, the group is louisiana Sweet Crude, Julie Aubé of Hey Babies, the duo of Radio and the unique Lisa LeBlanc will be the temperature up on stage and lifting the crowd in Moncton and Dieppe during this program dedicated to the national day of the Acadians, where we will also present an overview of the festivities held in the country of la Sagouine.

The national day of Acadia
Artv, Wednesday, 20h


Portrait of a great lady

Sur vos écrans: l’Acadie en fête

Photo: Théâtre du Rideau vert

“I had perhaps the black-faced pis cracked, but I had the white hands” : in these words of the playwright Antonine Maillet in 1971, Viola Léger was unaware of no doubt she would play la Sagouine over 3000 times in the course of his career. The ex-teacher was not suspecting that she would come as well in the legend and in the hearts of the public, which would distinguish for always this colored washerwoman of Bouctouche. In this moving documentary by Rodolphe Caron, the actress octogenarian, who has had to put an end to his career in 2017 after a STROKE, speaks in all simplicity.

Simply Viola
Artv, Wednesday, 21: 30


The whims of nature and the miracles of science

Sur vos écrans: l’Acadie en fête

Photo: Explora

Documentary series produced by the BBC in 2012, Abnormalities, human in the service of science presents people with extraordinary medical conditions that may bring the science to make giant leaps. In the first episode, we meet a girl whose heart developed outside his rib cage, a man able to hold his breath under water for nine minutes, and a paralysed man who regains the use of her limbs thanks to a chip implanted in his brain. Tour to the four corners of the world, the series also gives voice to various researchers, explaining the medications and techniques of screening for diseases that they are attempting to develop.

Abnormalities human in the service of science (V. F. of the World’s Most Extraordinary People)
Explora, on Wednesday, 21h

Broaden his horizons

As a reminder, this beautiful documentary Émilie Dubreuil part of the example of Yochanan Lowen, who broke with his family and has decided he now has four years to sue the government because he had been deprived of schooling ” regular “, to illustrate the complex situation that is lived by some members of jewish communities of hasidic music in North America, torn between respect for tradition and their passion for learning, for themselves and for their children.

I want to know

Radio-Canada, Saturday, 19h

The streaming of the week

Sur vos écrans: l’Acadie en fête

Having conquered Poland in 2016, Netflix has announced in the beginning of the year that Agnieszka Holland (Europa Europa) was going to perform his first series original Polish. In the meantime, the us platform has acquired the rights ofUltraviolet. Inspired by a book of Deborah Haller, The Skeleton Crew, and a fact lived by the creator of the series, Wendy West (Dexter, priority Investigations), this series of ten episodes featuring a Polish in the thirties (Marta Nieradkiewicz) forced to leave her husband and London to return to Lodz. Witness a suicide suspect, she discovers a community of all amateur detectives who try to solve cases dismissed when she performs research online to solve the mystery.

Netflix, Friday