“Oseledets” did not like scandal JoinUp has received loud continuation

''Оселедець'' не понравился: скандал с JoinUp получил громкое продолжение

Flight YanAir flying on the route Kiev – Sharm El-Sheikh, made an emergency landing at Cairo airport because of the language scandal.

This was after the incident said passengers. According to them, the dispute with the crew occurred not on home soil, the BBC reported.

“All announcements and communication of pilots and crew was conducted in the Russian language. A request to speak Ukrainian, which was expressed by one of the men received in response to a failure in an aggressive way”, – the passenger speaks Irina.

According to her, the irritation of the flight attendants called the man who had hair “Oseledets”.

“She started to speak about it. This has led to an adequate answer about the inadmissibility of the transition to the individual. What this flight attendant was summoned to the cabin of the pilot, who began to threaten, continuing to talk in Russian”, – said Irina.

Another passenger reported that a flight attendant refused to pour the man with “Oseledets” water, “because she didn’t like his hair”.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, popular in Ukraine tour operator JoinUp landed in a new scandal during the flight, customers in Egypt: the pilot of the aircraft of the airline YanAir because of the conflict some passengers with a flight attendant threatened tourists with prison.