Pierre Karl Péladeau rule its debts election, but disputes its fine

Pierre Karl Péladeau règle ses dettes électorales, mais conteste son amende

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Two months of elections, Pierre Karl Péladeau has not closed the door to a political comeback.

The ex-head of the parti québecois, Pierre Karl Péladeau will be contesting before the Court of Québec, the fine of 27 600 $ that he claims the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ).

This penalty is imposed because it has violated the electoral Law by paying himself for the debt of 135 500 $ that he had stayed for the race having led at the head of the Parti québécois, in may 2015.

By paying itself the amounts in arrears, such as he had announced on his page Facebook on 17 may, the big boss of Quebecor is exposed to a minimum fine of $ 5000 to have made a contribution over and above the permissible limit of 500 $.

However, the DGEQ has imposed ” a fine of $ 20,000, a fee of 2600 $ and a contribution of $ 5,000, for a total of 27 600 $, on the grounds that a “fine higher is required given the importance of the contribution and the status of the defendant, who was leader of the Parti québécois on 15 may 2015 to 2 may 2016″, ” wrote Pierre Karl Péladeau on his page Facebook on Wednesday evening.

“I am going to assume my responsibilities and the consequences arising from the application of this law. I hear, however, make representations to the DGEQ and, if necessary, before the Court, concerning the claim of a fine of more high, the maximum fine “, he added.

The DGEQ does not confirm the amount he is claiming to be the ex-member of parliament for Saint-Jérôme.

“No longer being a member of the national Assembly of Quebec and occupying more function in the Parti Québécois since may 2, 2016, I obviously did not seek donations from the public to pay off this debt,” wrote the former head of the parti québecois on its page Facebook the may 17.

Two options were available to Pierre Karl Péladeau to repay the debts that he had accumulated during the race to the chiefdom. The business man could solicit donations from the public or pay the outstanding amount.

“I will discharge personally all amounts currently due arising from this race and the application of the act by the Director general of elections of Quebec. I have always assumed my responsibilities and I will continue to do so. “

A political comeback is always possible

If he has contravened the law by giving a contribution beyond the limit permitted by law, Pierre Karl Péladeau does not, however, made of ” corrupt practice “, has attested to the DGEQ.

Such a maneuver would have been deprived of the exercise of its voting rights — as a candidate — for a period of five years.

Two months of elections, Pierre Karl Péladeau has not closed the door to a political comeback.

“I never wanted this start,” he reminded in his publication Facebook of 17 may.

With Annabelle Stone