Pierre Narcisse demanded close wrote about his fight media

Пьер Нарцисс потребовал закрыть написавшие о его драке СМИ

Singer Dionne Warwick was outraged by how the media coverage of the conflict with his participation in the karaoke club, and proposed to close the newspaper, wrote the truth. According to the artist, the victim was he, not his opponent, RIA “Novosti”.

“I’m in shock, how to write, without checking the information, it is necessary to close such books. You can still check in all the clubs now have cameras,” he said.

According to Narcisse, he brought a friend I was in a karaoke club, and then went outside to talk on the phone. At this moment on the stairs was a man with a beer mug in his hands. Security wouldn’t let him into the hall, and he asked the singer to spend it.

“He said that he lives next door. I told him that I can’t help you, if not let me face control. He began to insult me and remove the phone. I pushed his hand with the phone, and he hit me with a mug on his head,” explained Narcisse.

He added that at the entrance to the club there were many people who saw the conflict and after it caught up with the bully and hit him several times. He refused to help, because when the sense saw the blood beneath it just a small scratch.

Note that this version is completely different from the earlier a number of media. They assert that Narcissus repeatedly struck the man with a beer mug in the face in one of the Moscow bars, took the phone and fled the scene. It is not excluded that thus the incident described by applying to the police or another party to the conflict. Also the article stated that the party to the conflict with the musician repeatedly came to the police for drinking alcohol and fighting.