Pininfarina PF1 – first crossover of the brand

Pininfarina PF1 - первый кроссовер бренда

The Italian company Pininfarina, the world-famous masterpieces in automotive design, and started working on their first own crossover. While the brand represented only a supercar, but in 2021 should be on sale and even all-electric crossover.

By appearing in the press information, the novelty will be built on the platform of the American Rivian startup offering a “skateboard” that has a lot of advantages. It is assumed that PF1 Pininfarina will remain identical wheelbase.

As the power unit it is planned to use four electric motors with total capacity of about 1100 “horses”. For comparison, the most powerful version presented in Los Angeles SUV Rivian R1S were only 750 “horses” and the Lamborghini Urus with the traditional 4.0-liter V8 engine Buturlinovsky has impact at the level of 650 HP

It is not excluded that the car “shoes” in the huge 24-inch wheels, and the appearance will be different rapid lines and original front optics, partly borrowed from Pininfarina PF0 (this hypercar will be fully predstavlen in March 2019).

It is expected that the market price of the Italian crossover will start from $ 200 – 290 thousand euros.

Pininfarina PF1 - первый кроссовер бренда

Pininfarina PF1 - первый кроссовер бренда