Piskun: Sooner or later we will have to stop the war with Russia

Пискун: Рано или поздно нам придется прекратить войну с Россией

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia need to stop, as it ruins the economy of our country, stop its development and takes the best of her sons. This was stated by former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun live a great political talk show “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“Given the huge border, which runs between Russia and Ukraine, we need to reckon with our neighbor. And whether we like it or not, sooner or later we must stop the war. It takes the lives of the best sons of Ukraine, ravaging the economy, it stopped the development of our country, because Ukraine is not going to invest – and will never come until here will shoot guns and explode bombs on the demarcation line”, he said.

Piskun encouraged to use “approved Europe plan for peace” – the Minsk agreements.

“I do not want the Minsk format – go to Geneva, Zurich… the War must be stopped. Economic relationships need to build from a position of peace. Whether we like it or not, we will be forced to go back to that,” said the former attorney General.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that this move is a continuation of aggression against Ukraine.