Plant wants a revision of the draft Royalmount

Plante veut une révision du projet Royalmount

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Valerie Plant intends to meet in the short term the promoter Carbonleo and his counterpart of Mont-Royal.

The project Royalmount must be reviewed, writes Valerie Plant, which intends to meet as soon as possible the promoter and the mayor of Mont-Royal, in order to have an accurate picture of the state of the work.

On Thursday, the Commission on economic and urban development and housing has recommended that the proposed power centre commercial shall be suspended so that it can be reviewed and meets the ” needs of the population of montreal “.

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The Commission also suggested to the City and the city to consider legal action if no agreement could be reached with the proponent. “The sponsor has a need for social acceptability. I won’t say no to the project, has supported the mayor on Friday. But it is necessary to take a step back. “

Mrs. Plant wants to meet in the shortest possible time the promoter Carbonleo, the mayor of Mont-Royal, Philippe Roy, and the other partners, as the minister responsible for the Metropolis, Chantal Rouleau, in order to discuss the case. It does not consider for the moment the courts. “The Law on land use planning and development gives us the levers to act on the planning of the territory. But for me, it’s important to go step by step, she said. I rely a lot on good faith, and up to now, the discussions that we have had are positive. “

I won’t say no to the project. But it is necessary to take a step back.

— The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante


In its report, the Commission noted that, given the recent addition of residential components of the project by the sponsor, an amendment to the planning scheme of the urban agglomeration of Montreal is expected to be approved by the elected officials.

Project complies

Carbonleo and the mayor Roy immediately accepted the invitation of the mayor. But Philippe Roy did not budge : in its current form, the draft Royalmount comply with regulations and the planning scheme. It can, therefore, move forward. “We are open to bonuses and it is ready to sit down and discuss it “, he says however.

About the residential components recently proposed by the proponent, it argues that it will revert to the municipality of acquiescing or not. In 2014, the developer had expressed the desire to include a residential component, which had been refused by the Mont-Royal.

On Thursday, the Commission also recommended that Quebec creates a new tool in urban planning to ensure cohesion within the projects regional scope. “I am blown away by this recommendation,” says Philippe Roy. “For decades, Montreal makes projects without deigning to consult us “, he says, citing the creation of the central Market and the new Outremont campus, which have negative impacts for the municipality without the benefits.

The cabinet of the minister, Chantal Rouleau, it indicates that the government intends to respect the autonomy of the cities. The minister is willing to participate in the discussions, but intends to be limited to the role of” agent facilitator “, says his deputy chief of staff, Simon-Robert Chartrand.

The urban agglomeration of Montréal already has the power to amend its development plan, he recalled.

The minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, sees the situation another look. He believes that his ministry will have no choice but to invite them into the conversation if it finds that the project Royalmount risk of worsening automobile congestion. François Bonnardel has not wanted to get wet on a possible “intervention” of his government, but he admitted that he could hardly remain on the side lines if the file slips.

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