Poltavchanka was going to jump off a nine because of problems in his personal life

Полтавчанка собиралась прыгнуть с девятиэтажки из-за проблем в личной жизни

In Poltava patrol failed to prevent the suicide.

Yesterday, November 8, about 17 hours, the crew of the patrol police received a call on the street Shepeteva. The Complainant said that at the moment on the roof of the nine-floor house there is a woman and probably going to jump down, press service of the patrol police in Poltava region.

Immediately upon arriving at the scene, the inspectors saw a citizen who was sitting on the edge of the roof. Police were able to establish a conversation with a woman. Patrol first persuaded the woman to sit closer to him, and then dissuaded from committing the fatal act, and was removed from the roof.

Saved gave the doctors. As it turned out, the woman tried to commit suicide due to problems in his personal life.