Privat restructurized credit portfolio of physical persons

Приватбанк реструктуризует кредитный портфель физических лиц

PrivatBank decided to restructure a credit portfolio of individuals formed before the nationalization. Common problematic retail portfolio PrivatBank is of 87.7 billion and over 950 thousand contracts. From 87,7 billion of restructuring shall be 48.5 billion, or 294 thousand loan agreements. Pool was only the debt that arose before 19 December 2016, i.e. until the nationalization of PrivatBank were excluded, loans to the residents of the occupied and annexed territories, credits the military personnel, nonresidents, loan guarantees, transactions with the signs of fraud, and so on.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. According to her, it is notable that only 12.3 billion from 48.5 billion is the carrying amount of the debt, including the body of the loans and interest thereon, and the remaining 36.2 billion UAH – it is not carrying debt – fines, penalties and commissions.

“PrivatBank frankly admits that in the course of massive restructuring and expects to recover about 20% of the debt. The rest of the money apparently will have to write off the expense of the formed reserves, of course, after a decision of its shareholder, i.e. the Ministry of Finance. Customers who will offer various options for restructuring were broken into groups: consumer loans, retail loans and loans to small and medium businesses – said the browser. – Over UAH 31 billion of debt, is unsecured retail loans. The same credit card and Gold VIP, which banks are generously handed out to customers at every corner, the credits “just in case”, “Express”loans, fast loans, cash loans, installments, payment by installments and so on”.