Proud of its roots and has not renounced language: Hollywood stars who speak Ukrainian

Гордятся своими корнями и не отреклись от языка: звезды Голливуда, которые разговаривают на украинском

The Ukrainian language is gaining more and more popularity not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. There are many celebrities, including Hollywood star with Ukrainian roots. ONLINE.UA talk about Hollywood actors and actress of Ukrainian origin who have not renounced their native language and actively speak it on the other side of the ocean.

Milla Jovovich

The most famous Ukrainian in Hollywood is Mila Jovovich. She was born in Kiev, and the after birth lived in the river. At the age of five, the future star moved with his family to London, and then in the United States.

Jovovich has repeatedly shown that ukraisnkih proud of its roots – it actively supported the Euromaidan activists and also often use national motifs in their own clothing collections. The fact that Milla Jovovich is fluent in the Ukrainian language also confirms the archive video, which appeared online a few years ago – it is the Hollywood star takes the folk song “Oh, Hai, upon the Danube” in the Ukrainian language without an American accent.

Steven Spielberg

Oscar-winning Hollywood actor and screenwriter Steven Spielberg also appeared to have Ukrainian roots. His grandfather on the paternal side lived in Odessa, and grandfather on the maternal side – in the village near Kamianets-Podilskyi.

That Spielberg doesn’t renounce Ukrainian roots, testifying his passion for Ukrainian cuisine – the actor has repeatedly stated that his favorite dish is Ukrainian borsch.

First the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland, Spielberg visited only 59 years of age. Getting off the plane on the Ukrainian land, the Hollywood actor said, “Finally I’m home!”.

Vera Farmiga

About the Ukrainian roots of this actress says even her name. And she received it in Ukraine and in the US, where the star parents immigrated before she was born. Little Vera before 6 years went to Ukrainian Catholic Church and participated in the national ensemble.

Mila Kunis

One of the most highly paid Hollywood stars Mila kunis was born in Chernivtsi. At the age of eight she and her parents moved to Los Angeles, but until today did not forget the Motherland, where you sometimes come to walk on their native land.

David Duchovny

The star of the show “top secret” and learned about his Ukrainian origin recently. All the time he considered himself a Russian, but in 2014 said it has Ukrainian roots. As it turned out, the grandfather of David Duchovny originally from Berdichev.

In Hollywood lives many stars of Ukrainian origin. Among them, Winona Ryder, whose roots in the Kharkov – she wants to make a film about the Second world war and the lives of his relatives from the Ukraine, Olga Kurylenko, which is regularly visited by a native of Berdyansk, where still lives her mother, and Dustin Hoffman – among his relatives there are even Zaporozhye Cossacks.