Pushilin is necessary to nobody: Putin appointed a new “looking” in “DNR”

Пушилин никому не нужен: Путин назначил нового "смотрящего" в "ДНР"

The pseudo-ORDO need the gray cardinal of the Kremlin Vladislav Surkov, who wants to strengthen the position of their puppets

This is stated in the material of Russian journalists.

According to them, terrorists Denis Pushilin need them only as a guarantor of control over the occupied Donbass.

“Control over the economic and political life after the pseudo elections on the occupied territories of the Donetsk region will receive Vladislav Surkov and Dmitry Kozak”, – stated in the material.

It is known that the supply of goods will company “Vneshtorgservis”, which was in the breakaway South Ossetia. During Zakharchenko and “Tashkent” the company oversaw the supply line of metallurgical products and coal were engaged in a controlled Timofeev trading house “Coal of Donbass”.

From now on, all financial matters and the flow will come under Vneshtorservis, Pushilin himself to manage anything will not. The real power and control over the funds receive a so-called “Prime Minister” Alexander Ananchenko, who the President himself appointed after a conversation with the Moscow curators.

It is known that Ananchenko previously worked in major Russian corporations, in which “the interests of the in Siberia, and offices in Moscow”. In addition, terrorists describe him as “an economist with a large experience.”

Add in the Internet made fun of a ridiculous system of “elections” in the occupied Donbass, which was invented by the terrorists. This was stated by the journalist Denis Kazan.

“How to ensure the attendance of and voting on “election of the head DND”. All the fighters signed commitments that they would vote for Putilina,” he said.

Пушилин никому не нужен: Путин назначил нового "смотрящего" в "ДНР"

Пушилин никому не нужен: Путин назначил нового "смотрящего" в "ДНР"