Putin has opened a monument to Turgenev in Moscow

Путин открыл памятник Тургеневу в Москве

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the first Moscow monument to the writer Ivan Turgenev. With details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Derkach.

Sculptor Sergey Kazantsev worked on the monument for almost a year. Turgenev depicts a young, 30-year-old, in the years when he visited his mother’s house on Ostozhenka.

And the pedestal on which stands Turgenev consists of two parts, which symbolizes the perfect combination of European education, which he received Turgenev, and the difficult Russian life. Putin, opening this monument, noted that the sculpture is very beautiful. The President laid a bouquet of red roses to the monument and said that without Turgenev’s impossible to imagine Russian literature.

“One of the most widely read authors of his time, he appealed to the feelings and experiences, to real and true values. Because the interest in his writings will always be. Because the works of Turgenev is not only ours, but also the world heritage, which will always be. I am confident that the new landmark has appeared on the map sites capitals, and the house-Museum will serve this noble cause,” said Putin.

After that, the Russian leader showed a restored house-Museum of Turgenev. He returned to the historical appearance. The Museum literally around the world gathered 150 of personal belongings of the writer, including his last lifetime portrait. Now the exposition will include about a thousand items connected with the name of Turgenev.

The mansion is miraculously preserved architectural gem of Moscow. Turgenev’s mother, Varvara Petrovna lived here from 1840 to 1850. The inhabitants of this house were the prototypes of the famous story “Mumu”.

By the way, the monument to the dog can also be seen in the manor. She warmly greets visitors at the entrance to the Museum.