Quebec sued for “child abuse” in the name of residents of the CHSLD

Québec poursuivi pour «maltraitance» au nom de résidents des CHSLD

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
All the health institutions manager of CHSLD in Quebec are covered.

The Council for the protection of the sick continues in Quebec for abuse. The organization of the defence of the rights of users of the health network announced through a press release it has filed a request for authorization of a collective action for elder abuse on behalf of the residents of CHSLD du Québec “because of the significant deterioration in care, and [the] services that are provided” in these institutions.

An amount of 350 to 850 dollars per month of life in NURSING homes for each resident for 3 years is claimed as damages.

All the health institutions manager of CHSLD in Quebec are covered.

The president of the Council for the protection of the sick, Paul Brunet, declined to comment before a press conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

The request, sent to the media, alleged that the residents have been “deprived of health services and social services are adequate, sufficient, and quality” during the last three years.

Depending on the query, the CHSLD du Québec ” are not a substitute living environment that is acceptable consistent with the requirements of the Act, the ministerial guidelines and the other requirements laid down by the government “.

Gaps multiple reported

One of the co-applicants of this collective action, Daniel Driver, a man in his fifties with muscular dystrophy. Resident in NURSING homes since 2014, he is in a wheelchair. He is deprived of the mobility of almost all of his body except for his head and his mouth. He repeatedly denounced the conditions of life that exists in the CHSLDS in the traditional media and on social networks.

According to the observations of Mr. Driver referred to in the query, for two years, ” the members of the nursing staff are less likely “. Those who remain are ” overwhelmed and exhausted “, ” this reflects on the quality of the care they provide “. On its floor, for 32 patients, there are 4 servants, and that a single nurse-a night for the whole of the 111 residents in the ltc facility, indicates the query.

Mr. Driver said he washed improperly, so much so that sometimes, he feels he is ” still dirty “.

Care its place are qualified as ” completely impersonal and laced with incompetence “.

In addition, Mr. Driver believes to be a victim “on a regular basis” of medical errors.

“These gaps are such that it misses its appointment and fails to control his life,” says the petition. “He feels humiliated, mistreated, and depressed,” says-t-on, which affects up to her ” desire to live “.

The query has many shortcomings, as the only bath weekly, the management of briefs of incontinence, the lack of dental hygiene services and nail care and the lack of medical follow-up is adequate. It also points the finger at the use of “abusive” antipsychotic drugs ” to plunge [of the residents] in a state of apathy, sleep and drowsiness early in the day, in order to reduce the work of the staff “. The simply physical, are also denounced, and the poor quality of the meal and the lack of attention given to the schedule of life for everyone.