Rabies in humans: symptoms, signs, treatment and how is

Бешенство у людей: симптомы, признаки, лечение и как передается

New cases of rabies are recorded in Ukraine. This is a dangerous disease, the treatment which is quite difficult and painful. But giving him 100% brings deadly results. What is rabies, how to recognize and treat, then read on Without Taboos.

Rabies – deadly to humans, the disease was again recorded in Ukraine. In the Lviv region from rabies died a pensioner.

She was bitten by their own dog, which was found to be infected. 68-year old pensioner for not going to the hospital after her dog died from rabies, and then ignored my symptoms.

When found her son, she was already unconscious. After she was in the hospital, it was too late to cure female disease has destroyed her body, and she died soon after.

According to statistics, annually in the world dies from rabies 55 thousand people. This is less than from the same flu, but the main feature of rabies is that, if you do not take treatment immediately after being bitten, the mortality rate is 100%.

Rabies in humans

Rabies – a viral infection that is transmitted through bites from the saliva of infected animals. If rabies started in humans, since the beginning of the first symptoms of death will come in 20 days, so the doctor need to address urgently.

70% of infections occur during a trip outside the city, and often, the first rabies pick up Pets, which then infect hosts.

The rabies virus in humans and animals affects the Central nervous system. The death of the infected animal is inevitable. Person, though, too. Strictly speaking, if the disease has begun, then no treatment will not help.

Signs of rabies

The symptoms of rabies do not appear immediately, but in stages. A few days after infecting man, like other animals, becomes more aggressive, manifested hydro and aerophobia – up to muscle spasms when swallowing. Then begins profuse salivation, paralysis of various muscle groups, hallucinations. Temperature can increase, develop redness around the bite.

The rabies vaccine

The only way of salvation of rabies immediate vaccination in the next few hours after the bite. This procedure from the injections, which are made at equal intervals of time, and so far this is the only way to be saved from death.

In addition, in the case of rabies, it is believed the mandatory and immediate hospitalization with treatment in the isolation ward. Treatment is symptomatic, as the normal drugs against rabies don’t exist.

By the way there are some countries where is not fixed rabies – the UK, Cyprus, Japan and Australia. In addition, rabies is not the case in the Scandinavian countries, Spain and Portugal.

In Ukraine the situation with rabies is deteriorating in these areas: Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk region. In 2015-2016 there were problems with rabies due to the fact that there was a shortage of vaccines, and the people did not receive necessary vaccinations. Last time in Ukraine the main source of distribution of steel foxes, which transmit the disease to domestic animals and man.

Бешенство у людей: симптомы, признаки, лечение и как передается

Бешенство у людей: симптомы, признаки, лечение и как передается

Бешенство у людей: симптомы, признаки, лечение и как передается