Rescuers of the Dnieper river got out of the deep Luke the dog

Спасатели Днепра достали из глубокого люка собаку

November 10 to the 101 line, it was reported that on the street Pyatikhatskiy in open deep Luke failed the dog, press slugbug gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The depth of the pit was about 1.2 meters. The dog could not get out and whined plaintively. Local residents have decided to call rescuers.

To place a call sent emergency services 4 state of firefighting and rescue part of the Main Directorate DSNs area. Using ladders lifeguard went down into the hatch and took the animal from the trap.For the operation attracted 5 personnel and 1 unit of firefighting and rescue equipment. The townspeople are grateful to the rescuers for the life of the animal.