Residents of the Indian capital choking on toxic smog

Жители индийской столицы задыхаются от токсичного смога

Residents of the capital of India, new Delhi fourth day continue to choke on toxic smog, which appeared on the morning of November 8, after the celebration of the Hindu festival Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights”. About it reports Reuters.

Before that, almost overnight, tens of thousands of people launched fireworks into the air and firecrackers. The smoke from them increased the already high level of smog from vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions. Superimposed on this seasonal farmers burning stubble in the fields.

The level of air pollution exceeded 400 micrograms of particulates per cubic metre at the rate of 25.

Meteorologists promise that in the next few days in new Delhi is expected to heavy rain or wind that would clear the air. To somehow improve the situation, the authorities have until Monday banned in the city all construction work and entry of heavy trucks. Population recommended to wear a face bandage, and the drivers to abandon the use of cars.

The world health organization calls the air in new Delhi is the sixth in a contamination in the world. In the capital of India is home to 20 million people.

Жители индийской столицы задыхаются от токсичного смога