Returned to Ukraine to $1.5 billion and thousands of businesses: Lutsenko has put the work of the GPU in the example of NABOO

Вернула Украине $1,5 млрд и тысячи предприятий: Луценко поставила работу ГПУ в пример НАБУ

Despite the considerable powers of the National anti-corruption Bureau, Prosecutor General of Ukraine shows much better results.

So, the GPU in two years returned to the state $1.5 billion and more than two thousand companies, said MP (PPO), representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko on air of TV channel “Direct”(to see the video, descrate the page to the end).

“The verdicts. That is, the case brought before the court (of the GPU. – Ed.). The court decided guilty. And these sentences – 2200 – rendered. NABU and SAP. I’m talking about NABOO now – three verdict. Feel the difference? This proven business. About 66 cases in the NAB. And 1.5 million cases (in the GPU. – Ed.) where carry out the procedural guidance,” she said.

Lutsenko also added that the attorney General and the Prosecutor General’s office has no authority, because the deputies have taken powers to deal with category A.

“And I want the audience to remember that. And why MPs forget that they and we voted to NABU to give the category of the Prime Minister, Minister, Deputy Minister, MP. Society demands, out of habit, from the attorney General. He has no authority to investigate cases of category A – those I have listed. The NAB has,” – said the representative of the President.

She also recalled that the Prosecutor General has no right to interfere in the Affairs of NABOO, but for some reason need from him.

“The deputies passed the bills we passed a bill that put the attorney General in a very rigid framework, which give it a triple permit in order to apply to the court for examination, and this time – a month, two months, three it, given that the courts are now reforming. The Supreme Court passed the reform, recruited judges of the Supreme Court. Now – the courts of first instance. And there is a queue for the permission. This means that the case is suspended. Investigators are limited to certain procedures. For each permission you have to go to the investigator here. It was voted the people’s deputies”, – summed up Lutsenko.