Revealed the secret of longevity of naked mole rats

Раскрыта тайна долгожительства голых землекопов

Well-known ability of rodent species to naked mole rat longevity was connected with the system of DNA repair. This is the conclusion after some research came to the Siberian scientists, writes the newspaper “Science in Siberia”.

As noted, the specificity of rodent was studied by the experts of the Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine (Siberian branch) and Institute of molecular and cell biology (IMCB).

It is known that the average life expectancy of a naked mole rat for 30 years, whereas a normal mouse is only six months. With age in the rodent is not detected changes inherent to aging, do not change appearance and reproductive function. In terms of the lifespan of a human naked mole rat lives for 600 years.

The researchers compared how the nuclear extract of the cells of the connective tissue of the organisms of naked mole rat and mouse reacts to the influence of hard ultraviolet radiation, which causes DNA damage. Then, using the developed test systems were studied, the activity of DNA repair at these two rodents.

It turned out that the activity of the reparation of damaged bases and nucleotides in the naked mole rat cells is significantly higher than in mouse cells.

“We believe that an effective repair can be responsible for what rodent lives for so long,” said head of the laboratory of Bioorganic chemistry of enzymes, Siberian branch Olga Lavrik.

Experts hope that the study of DNA repair the diggers will help to find new ways of treating cancer and diseases associated with aging.