“Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind”: I make them laugh so I am

«Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind»: je fais rire donc je suis

Photo: HBO
This intimate portrait adopts the shape time classic, but it is impressive by the quantity (and quality) of images of archives.

There are now almost four years old, by a beautiful night of August, fans of the actor Robin Williams were under the shock of the announcement of his death, probably a suicide… This thesis quickly confirmed, thereby showing the darker side of him that seemed to be born to make people laugh and smile its public, in all circumstances, or nearly so.

This intimate portrait directed by filmmaker Marina Zenovich adopts the shape time classic, but it is impressive by the quantity (and quality) of images of archives, often unreleased, showing our clown finally rather sad in its infancy stage and the small screen. Several of these sequences the first few years of the career of Williams are brought by their thoughts and insights from various interviews, the voice-overs.

It is always the essential need for the actor to entertain the public in all circumstances, as much in interviews as serious as the one he has given to the issue Actors’s Studio, during an award ceremony where he was the only non-winner from among the nominees of its category…

Can we say that this documentary, which features mostly light on the professional advancement of the actor, the consequences of it, and his last years were less active, marked by illness, really allows you to get into the spirit of this comic genius ? One has the impression to get there thanks to the testimonies of some of his relatives, the chief of his first wife, who assisted in its early stages, and his friend, comedian Billy Crystal, particularly touching when he describes their last conversation before his death. And it, it is already not bad.

Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind

HBO, Monday, 20 h