Romeo, the toad, who was desperate to meet his Juliet

Romeo, la grenouille qui désespérait de rencontrer sa Juliette

Photo: Matias Careaga / Global Wildlife Conservation / Agence France-Presse
This frog is aquatic of Sehuencas is the last known of its species.

Romeo, a small amphibian of bolivia, unmarried and without children, who had launched a vibrant call to find a partner, otherwise the species is in danger of dying, has still not found a shoe to his foot, has announced a scientific.

“It becomes urgent to find other individuals of its species and avoid extinction,” said Wednesday, AFP Teresa Camacho Expected, of the natural history Museum in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

This frog is aquatic of Sehuencas, who has lived for a dozen years at the museum, and has a life expectancy of fifteen years, is the last known of its species.

In February, for Valentine’s day, its guardians have decided to move at top speed to try to find him his half of a partnership with the dating site has been put in place.

The establishment and Global Wildlife Conservation are associated with the first dating site world for a subscription.

Some 25 000 US $(32 700 $CA) were harvested, well above the initial target of US $15,000 (19 $600 CDN), according to Ms. Camacho.

The data collection must allow to start the exploration of rivers in bolivia, to try to find a female of his species, including still to the tadpole stage.

In the event of a failure, Romeo would meet the same fate as the famous ” George the lonely “, the last tortoise Chelonoidis abigdoni, dead to the Galapagos in 2012, without descendant.